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Who We  Are

“We have to reach what our hands can’t, otherwise why stars exist?” with this sentence that has been declared by Emil Anderson, one of advertising’s most important makers, we abbreviate the meaning of the name , the company that seeks to take its clients to the highest and most important position in the right time.

Star Time was established in 2009 with a team of long term experts in this field, in order to achieve together distinctive goals in the world of advertising, which stands on special understanding of the local Saudi market and its demands.

Star Time has started from its founders accumulated experience within the international agencies to present those experiences in new way that is up to the latest methodological theories.

Our Business: Exhibition Arrangements, Event Management, Marketing Solutions, Media Relation, Media Production, Public Relation, Advertising, Print.

Startime Experience

Customer Satisfaction - 6 years 95%
Creative Services - 6 years 85%
Insights & Strategy - 5 years 80%
Media Research - 5 years 80%
Marketing Data - 4 years 70%

We do marketing the right way!

Happy Clients
Successful Cases

Principles of StarTime



Implementing the most recent achievements of advertising science worldwide on local market with conscious and methodological national experiences and ideas launches from the core of the society and understands its demands and the way it thinks. We aim to be one of the leader companies that works with international standards.



Star Time works based on clear mind that is conscious about the importance of advertising for the product and the companies, the idea of advertising in the perfect way and the best time is occupying the axis of our work and it has the major priority, all that is to achieve the satisfaction for our clients and the popularity of their products.



Creativity is an important element in any business because it helps you to overcome challenges, be innovative and discover new opportunities. A great way to introduce more creativity into our business is to conduct a brainstorming session. This will bring our team together to generate fresh ideas. We are a fan of brainstorming at Star Time and we have weekly sessions with the whole team.



Innovation, its essence is change, and the benefits it brings don’t just apply to product industries.
Star Time are a team dedicated to creating, Innovation, developing and implementing of ideas in a professional manner where we put the support in the way of success with all our experience and skill.

Chairman & CEO, StarTime

Welcome to StarTime, With Startime Marketing Solutions, as your partner, you will feel how much we believe deeply in our slogan: “We Pave Your Success”. With us, this slogan becomes true.
StarTime PR & Events has a proud history stretching back well over a decade. We value our relationships with the clients and stakeholders— relationships that are based on trust and integrity. As we take pride in our past, we are always looking forward, preparing our clients and ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We live in a complex and fast-paced world. Technological advances, demographic shifts and Globalization have brought opportunity to many— empowering and connecting people and creating a vibrant and diverse world.
We at StarTime will continue to derive our inspiration from the simplest of things in our quest to provide our clients and their brands with Marketing solutions that go beyond the conventional.
Marketing is the core of all businesses, and this is what we really good in.

By navigating our website, you can know more about StarTime and what kind of services and solutions we can perform.
We have a wide range of services and solutions that help all firms in their marketing duties, expanding their market share, targeting new audience, empower their activities, and much more.

Be sure that with StarTime, you will find the answers you are looking for.
We love our job profile and are proud to work with inspiring businesses and brands.


 Shaya Al Qahtany

Chairman & CEO

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