Arab Islamic American Summit

About Project

Period: May 2017

Client: MOCI, Arab Islamic American Summit

Subject: Arab Islamic American Summit

Number of Attendees: 500+ visitors

Where We’ve Won: Making clients happy through transparent, meaningful results.

Organizing and implementing Press Center :The 2017 Riyadh summit (Arabic: قمة الرياض 2017‎) was a series of three summits held on 20–21 May 2017 on the occasion of the visit of United States President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia, his first trip overseas. The summit included one bilateral meeting, between the United States and Saudi Arabia

What We’ve Done

A professional work team is in service and offers all their expertise, abilities and innovative energy. provide with ideal solutions for all but concerned with these ambitions.
We tend to use the most recent technology in all event activity that suits our client and the event purpose to get more effective result and outcome and to maintain certain level of quality. Comes the quality of the services required by the permanent access and costumed technology in the field of organizing events, and access to all that is new in order to get out the way in the best shape possible.


ملخص الحدث بالعربية

تنظيــم وتصميــم كل مايتعلــق باللجنــة الاعاميــة ولجــان الاســتقبال ومرافقــة الوفــود القادمــة مــن كل الــدول المشــاركة بالمؤتمــر