International Workshop on Combating Desertification

About Project

Period: 23rd – 25th APRIL 2018

Client: The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA)

Subject: International Workshop on Combating Desertification

Number of Attendees: 400+ visitors

Where We’ve Won: Making clients happy through transparent, meaningful results.

Organizing and implementing International Workshop on Combating Desertification. , The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture (MEWA), Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in conjunction with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Workshop Theme: “Leveraging Innovation and Renewable Resources to Combat Desertification”

Our Task Was

Our ultimate goal is to conduct the events to the highest level of business standards and make sure that our partners/customers will get the most out of it. Organize and Provide event management support for client’s, Creative Ideas, 3rd party coordination & supervision, Press conferences, … etc.
Assist with issues management and crisis communications situations.
Keep on the quality of performance and follow-up.
Proactive approach and Implementation of plan.

What We’ve Done

A professional work team is in service and offers all their expertise, abilities and innovative energy. provide with ideal solutions for all but concerned with these ambitions.
We tend to use the most recent technology in all event activity that suits our client and the event purpose to get more effective result and outcome and to maintain certain level of quality. Comes the quality of the services required by the permanent access and costumed technology in the field of organizing events, and access to all that is new in order to get out the way in the best shape possible.

  • Scenario of the event and agenda
  • Media Relations
  • Events Videography and Event Photography
  • Specifying the locations for organizing exhibitions and conferences
  • Travel and residential services for delegations and participating bodies
  • Attendance registration
  • Advertisement and merchandizing services
  • Fetching and developing the mechanism of sponsoring
  • Supply of technical support, audio and visual equipment
  • Development of the programs of exhibitions and events
  • Making electronic sites and electronic scheduling
  • Documenting conferences in media
  • Field Management


  • Providing solutions and designs for standard & special stands.
  • Providing advertising and promotional materials (Exhibitor badges, visitor registration form, invitation cards, website, Apps and the exhibition brochures, etc.).
  • Arranging accommodation for exhibitors, visitors and facilitate their transportation to/from the event site.
  • Launching advertising campaigns.
  • Conducting the inaugural reception.
  • Providing comprehensive, exhibition, event hall, and fittings.
  • Providing business centers, organizer’s office facilities, and registration office and conference hall.
  • Designing events logo symbolizing meaning and objectives of the event.
  • The statement provided with respect to any Event is accurate and correct.
  • Record and publish attendance by visitors at all events, and issue attendance statement upon request.
  • Adhere to the promises and undertakings in the printed materials, and notify actual exhibitors, partners with any changes.

ملخص الحدث بالعربية

الورشة الدولية لمكافحة التصحر

تنظيــم وتصميــم الورشــة الدوليــة لمكافحــة التصحــر بحضـور معالـي وزيـر البيئـة والميـاه والزراعة المهنـدس/ عبد الرحمــن بــن عبــد المحســن الفضلــي، و عــدد مــن المتحدثــن المحليــن و العالميــن. تمــت بنجــاح فــي الريــاض بتاريــخ 23 أبريــل 2018و اســتمرت إلــى 25أبريــل 2018