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“PR Is Not Advertising, and Vice Versa. These Are the Key Differences..”

– Startime Team

Fresh & Intelligent Creative Approach

Star Time is responsible for sitting and implementing an integral plan for building its clients character, and it plans for successful public relations with their surrounding and media milieu. We also put integral marketing strategies, and insure spreading our clients’ news in all available media facilities and book the suitable advertising spaces within.

Understanding your business and then aligning our energies to your vision.

What We Offer

  • Digital marketing
  • Direct response
  • Consumer Relations
  • Social Responsibility (SR)
  • Crisis communications
  • Multicultural marketing
  • Crisis communications
  • Media Relations
  • Proactive approach
  • Media Monitoring
  • Retention & loyalty
  • Provide event management support for client’s
Public Relations

What You’ll Get

We believe that public relations should be practiced as a holistic and integrated discipline and have identified six service components that organizations need to build a strong communications structure.

MEDIA RELATIONS: Our goal is to develop long-term relationships between our clients and the press through outreach programs that bring our clients closer to the media. advising clients on how to make their stories newsworthy, we create editorial roll-out programs aimed at sustaining media interest and positioning our clients through clear message delivery. Our strong ties with the region’s newspapers and magazines, on-line news portals, news bureaus and online underpin our ability to build a strong media data base and organize successful media events

STRATEGIC ADVISORY: We make it work! Strategy forms the foundation of public relations programs. We work with our clients to build strategic programs from the ground-up, formulating plans and policies, and executing them to our clients’ best interests. STARTIME works with organizations on strategic programs relating to issues management, stakeholder mapping, media policy development, positioning and messaging and has the expertise and local knowledge that is essential to build strong programs and platforms with long-term impact.

DIGITAL: Digital and social media are extensions of communications systems used to manage reputations, send key messages, drive results and, more importantly, serve as critical tools to listen to audiences, adjust to their needs, and improve overall performance. by STARTIME has been bring our leading-edge communications experience, local knowledge and Arabic communications expertise into the digital universe. By synchronizing efforts in both traditional and digital media, we help clients build a powerful presence online.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT: At STARTIME our approach to crisis management is pre-emptive and preventive. in many cases, could be prevented altogether or contained quickly. Through careful monitoring and preparation, development of early warning systems, documenting crisis scenarios and developing appropriate responses, preparing crisis manuals and emergency protocols, STARTIME can help organizations develop a comprehensive set of tools to manage crises situations

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: To establish and sustain itself as a successful entity, it is essential that an organization behaves like a good corporate citizen and makes lasting contributions to the communities in which it operates. STARTIME helps organizations to identify, create and execute cost effective CSR programs that are relevant to the Saudi social and cultural fabric and have both an immediate and long-term impact. Our teams can advise on ways to build internal CSR capabilities

INTERNAL COMMUNICATIONS: Employees can be an organization’s most effective ambassadors or most damaging detractors. morale, productivity and loyalty? STARTIME can also provide sophisticated change management solutions for companies in the process of transformation that include both conventional and innovative tools. with management, our goal is to help companies develop and execute programs that keep employees in the picture and create a sense of enthusiasm, commitment and loyalty

Case Studies

SAGO & Al Fager Co.

The expansion ceremony Khamis Mushait with media coverag

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Report opened at Princess Noura Bint Abdulrahman University

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Mishkat Interactive Center for Atomic and Renewable Energy